Thursday, 10 March 2011

New HVAC Forum Posts: Career/Training advice

Hi all,

Due to recently been made redundant I have had to start a new career so I am new to the refrigeration/air conditioning trade and would like some advice and information regarding RCI reports.

I have previously spent in excess of £4000.00 training to become a refrigeration/ac engineer and found that getting into the industry with a lack of previous knowledge to be very difficult. I have now got employment and have been working as a self empoyed ac installation engineer for almost one year, and although it has been a very good learning curve for me I am still interested in furthering my education/career and have an interest in doingacireports. But I have my doubts in investing my little remaining redundancy money, so would be interested if anyone could enlighten me about the quantity of work available/likelyhood of getting enough work with my very limited experience/and also would taking this course actually be a benefit to enhance my chances of gaining full time employment.

I have already completed the following training-
Refrigeration technical certifcate,
Refrigeration safe handling,
Pipework and Brazing Certificate,
F-Gas Certification,
Nvq-2 in instalation.

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