Monday, 28 November 2011

ebm-papst launches free energy efficiency app

ebm-papst has launched a free iphone app that calculates the energy efficiency benefits of using EC technology over AC

The app, called Go EC, calculates the annual cost of using AC technology. It asks the user to enter a small amount of information, such as the number of fans, operational uptime and cost per kWh, and then compares this with relative cost of using EC technology – which is considerably more energy efficient and, therefore, cost effective.

James Cooper, product manager at ebm-papst UK, said: “EC technology has been shown to be, on average, 30% more energy efficient than conventional AC technology. It is time the market fully embraced a move to EC and now we’re giving companies a quick and easy way to compare the two technologies.

“This new app provides a concise benchmarking solution which creates a compelling reason for people to go further than simply ‘thinking’ about EC technology. Most importantly, it also calculates a projected payback period, which we hope will help customers overcome their reservations about making the investment. Typically the question has been ‘why should I switch to EC?’ We hope this app will move the market closer to asking why they haven’t yet switched to EC.”

In addition to showing the annual projected cost savings, Go EC reveals the carbon savings associated with switching from AC to EC technology. With many companies signed up to the CRC Carbon Efficiency Scheme, reducing carbon emissions from air-movement technology will cut the amount of carbon allowance that they will have to purchase.

Cooper continued: “With energy security so high on the agenda, taking steps to reduce energy consumption is vitally important for all businesses, not just from a cost perspective, but also from a long-term ecological standpoint.”

The app is completely free to download and is available now from the Apple App Store, which can be accessed via your iphone, ipad or itunes.

I found this article on the RAC air conditioning magazine very interesting, you can now see all the latest HVAC news on our website under the news feed tab.

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